Edith Mitchell, 98 of Deport

Edith Clara Nobles Mitchell

September 18, 1918—January 12, 2017

Edith met and married Wiley A. Mitchell at the ripe old age of 16.  Together they raised a large family—very large.  Wiley named their second child June because she was born in June.  Edith named all the other children or she would have had several named September.

Edith had a quick wit and a great sense of humor, very stubborn and a love affair with red lipstick.  She never let light shine on her without her red lipstick applied.  Edith enjoyed cultivating plants and flowers; fishing; farming; hoeing and picking cotton and driving like a bat out of hell. (she often stated speed limits were for everybody else)  She loved family gatherings, campouts, and fish fries.

Edith was truly a great hoarder-collector, a trait and passion she passed on to many of her children and grandchildren.

Edith was preceded in death by her husband; 6 sons; 2 daughters; and one grandson.

She will be missed.  We celebrate her life and mourn her passing.

  1. Irene Bryant says:

    Just today found out about Edith and Becky. Travis and I considered Edith
    a very dear friend. Wish we’d been informed. I had a nice visit with Edith
    Dec. 22 and we talked about old times and the boys and fish fries, etc.

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