Dori Van Cleef, 36

Dori-Anne Van Cleef, 36 of Deport died at her home on January 11, 2013.  Cremation Arrangements will be under the arrangement of Wood Funeral Homes.  The family will receive friends at 1:00pm on Tuesday at the funeral home.

She was born in Orlando, Florida on June 11, 1976 the daughter of John Alton Van Cleef, IV and Dixie Elizabeth Stell Van Cleef.   Dori was a child born in the wrong era, loving the 1950’s, animals, her heels, her makeup, shopping, sushi and riding the motorcycle with Mike.

Survivors include her children:  Justin Tyler Smith, Joseph [Jo Jo] Robert Van Cleef, Jonathan [Jonny] Hinkle, all of Deport; her parents, Dixie and John Alton Van Cleef IV of Deport; fiancé, Michael Stewart of Deport; her sister, Denise Renee Van Cleef of Arlington; her brother, John Alton Van Cleef, V and wife, Danielle of Burleson; brother-in-law, Daniel Brent Snyder of Arlington; her grandmother, Mary Joyce Stell of Arlington; nieces and nephews, Kasey Marie Sowers, and husband, George Nelson Sowers; Britney Anne Snyder, Corinne Van Cleef, John Van Cleef VI, and “special princess”, Isabelle.


  1. Rick Sheldon says:

    I am truly saddened by Dori’s death. Dori was more than just a friend; she was an amazing person. She was always so kind and considerate to me that I always welcomed seeing her at every opportunity.

    Her passing will not only leave a void in the world, but in the hearts of everyone who knew her. Dori’s memory will always remain deep within my heart.

    My sincere thoughts are with you.

    With deepest sympathy,

    Rick Sheldon

  2. James W. Tanner and Tommie Daniel says:

    We are sorry to hear of Dori’s death. Although we did not know her very well, we know how much you loved her and her children. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

    With deepest sympathy, and my love to you brother,
    James & Tommie

  3. Christie Osborne-Reed says:

    My dear Dori, I know you would kick me if I didn’t post something here for the world to see. However, it’s not as simple as myspace or facebook comments. I want to write something beautiful and I am struggling to put my thoughts here because so much is flashing through my mind. I want to put something here for YOU! My eyes are watering too much to type this and the boulder in my throat from the emotions are making this all very challenging. To her family, I hope you know how I feel about dori and all of you. I am just having trouble conveying this now. I’m very sorry.


  4. Bernadette McKeefer says:

    John, my prayers are with you at the sudden loss of Dori. On the occasions that we were all together, she was much fun. May God comfort you and your entire family and all those who were close to her. Love you, Grandma

  5. Jing says:

    Dori cares about her children the most as i know her 11 years ago,we were hang out shopping at Ross a lot…and dinner together when she came visited, and all she want is noodle with sesame, so i cooked… and we hang out for ladies night sometimes how i remember she named 3 of us was ” Charlie’s Angels” I asked her why?? she smiled and say it out loud” because we kick ass”

    she kind and smart with computers created websites edited pictures like a pro.
    surely miss her.

  6. Ron and Beverly Edwards says:

    Although we did not know Dori well, she was truely a ray of sunshine everytime we had the pleasure of being around her. Always the life of the party and a bright smile on her face. For her family we pray for peace for you . Denise, Daniel, Britney, Kasie…..Our arms reach out to wrap around you in a GIANT LOVING HUG!!!

  7. Lori Kelly says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I did not know Dori, but I can only imagine what a sweet, fun girl she was. John, many thoughts and prayers for your entire family.

  8. Rita & Rex Hill says:

    We did not know Dori. But seeing her picture and reading about her, she was not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. John, Danielle & family, we are truly sorry for your loss. Praying God’s grace, love and comfort will surround you and your family.


  9. Rita & Rex Hill says:

    Although we didn’t know Dori, seeing her picture and reading about her, she was not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. May God’s grace,love & comfort surround your family in this most difficult time.

  10. Wendy and Steve Stone says:

    Words cannot express the sorrow. Both Steve and I have you all in our thoughts and prayers. Nothing we can do or say will ever be enough. Just know you have our love.

    Wendy and Steve

  11. Sonny Michalsky says:

    This is something I normally don’t do, but I felt compelled to tell you this. When you first brought Dori around to meet all of us guys I could tell what a special girl she was. I saw the love in her eyes for you and your’s for her. She was one of those people you meet and never forget. Those eyes, that devilish smile and most of all that personality, how could anyone not like her. I fell in love with her and knew she would make you a better man. I would tell you how truly sorry I am but instead I will tell how happy I am that you meet her and you got to share time together. I would have been a very proud parent to have called her “daughter” anytime.

    She will be missed!!!!


  12. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I am so sorry for you all. Lots of prayers and thoughts for all of you. Dori was so sweet, she was all
    Ways so welcoming to me. Lots of love to you all.

  13. Melissa Carr says:

    Dori, you have been apart of my life for 19 wonderful years.You were there for the birth of my son which I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
    I know that you will be with me everyday,next to me during milestones in my life,when I need you the most during the sad times.I know you will tell me as clear as day what to do.
    I love you my Best Friend,

  14. Sheryl says:

    I have known Dori since we were at least 9 or 10 years old (maybe longer but my memory seems to only go so far). Admittedly we weren’t always close but there were times more than others that we were (elementary school slumber parties at Jessica Garcia or Shawn Defenbaugh). There was a time in our late teens early twenties that we were pretty close, right around the time she had Justin. She was going through things and I was going through stuff and I remember to this day always thinking, she never showed how hard things were. She always had a smile, always welcomed me and my burdens and always saw the good in everything. She would tell me, don’t worry it will work out. She just always seemed so strong and determined to do it her way.
    We drifted apart after that and about 9 years ago we met up again. I went out with her and her sister for drinks and the minute I walked in it was like she didn’t miss a step. She embraced me; we laughed, told stories and caught up. Her smile and laughter were always contagious. I walked away that night feeling that same happy way she could always make you feel.

    She was an infectiously happy person, you just couldn’t be in a bad mood around her (normally she wouldn’t allow it). She had the huge smile and boisterous laugh. Everything was fun, life was fun and she was going to find the joy in it no matter what. The loss of such a vibrate life; well it will truly be missed. I can’t say that I have been close to her since that last night other then via FB, but I see all the joy she brings to those around her in pictures. This is a great loss for the Van Cleef family and all those close to her, my truly deepest condolences to you all.

  15. Jeanette says:

    I was saddened to hear of Dori’s passing. Dori was a great person and a cherished friend. Although we had not seen each other in many years, I will always cherish my happy memories of our time together and I will never forget all the wonderful times we spent together. You have my heartfelt sympathy. -Jeanette Ladd Horn

  16. Jamie Sutton-Dingle says:

    Dori, when I moved to Arlington to start my freshman year I knew absolutely no one. We had a class together and from day one we hit it off. We were attached at the hips. We had some amazing times together! When I moved away we didn’t keep in touch as much as we should have. When I moved back, thanks to the internet, we found our friendship again. Though we weren’t as close as we were I still cherished you. I always will. So beautiful and such a big heart. I will miss you….my heart is broken. My heart and prayers go out to your family. I will come say goodbye to you tomorrow..but just in body..not in soul as you will live on in everyone’s life that you have touched. I love you!!!!
    Jamie Sutton xoxo

  17. andrea larue says:

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Dori only a couple of times a few years ago but I remember her bright, beautiful smile and how her huge personality just filled the room. I am so sorry for your loss, Dixie, and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Andrea LaRue

  18. Cindy Holcomb says:

    Blessed are those who he takes home with him.
    Im so saddened for your loss ,
    In the days , months to come you will get some releaf but,
    it will only get easer when you are ready. Im just getting there now after loosing Dan last March. Take your time and know in the night when all are sleeping . you can call me anytim. for me when I cryed the most and hardest and missed him more than I could amagin it was at 12 midnight or 3 in the mor. Id call Boo, she didn’t have to say a word . just having her on the other end of the line was all I needed.
    Love & miss you guys so much ! Tell Aunt Joyce Too.
    Your yankee cuz Cindy

  19. Suzy and Stephen Bell says:

    I can only shake my head and wish for another moment to see your infectious smile and twinkling eyes, to hear you say “my Suzy-Q!”, to hug you and sit and laugh with you. We love you and miss you. Our prayers go out for your sweet boys and family.

  20. Cheryl Kennedy says:


    Your daughter is so beautiful. Looks just like you did in high school. My thoughts have been with you all day and I will continue to keep you in my prayers for a long time. I love you dear friend. If you need anything, I am just a message away.

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